About us

Our Product

With Challenger, you get services that maintain the best quality in terms of accessibility, sound experience and user-friendliness. The systems are developed in Sweden and we provide high security on all systems. The company operates systems worldwide to ensure global reach but at the same time to meet specific needs of geographical limitations or locally installed systems.


Challenger Mobile works according to the motto: "anyone can offer mobile telephony with mVoIP". It is the company's endeavor to make the benefits and usability of mobile IP telephony known to more people. Challenger therefore enables any company to become an operator and to offer its customers or users the latest generation of mobile technology, which is global, easy and cheap to use.


Challenger Mobile's goal is to offer an innovative product that is technologically at the forefront. To achieve this, the company intends to continue its own technical development, be visible in the industry and in that way offer an attractive and competitive product.


Challenger Mobile imagines a borderless telephony world, where all calls regardless of geographic destination are local calls.​​

History in short

Challenger was founded out of a university project at Linköping University in the early 2000s. They wanted to use the internet to connect calls
instead of via circuit-switched calls. The focus was developed in Challenger to
focus on connecting large volumes of calls globally to create borderless communication. Along the way, the company has learned a lot about the different communication needs of companies and users in order to be able to deliver systems that fit into modern organizations with digital ways of working.

Challenger is a Swedish public limited company from Kista (Stockholm) that has worked with communication services over the internet since the 2000s. The company today has roughly 500 shareholders and is not currently connected to a public marketplace.

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