Secure communication with Trustcall

Challenger meets the market with enterprise-oriented communication services to communicate internally as well as with partners and customers in a global market. Challenger’s long experience from working with operators and companies worldwide creates a broad knowledge and base for creating solutions that meet the requirements for continued safe work in an increasingly digital world.

With Challenger, users can identify themselves by calling phone numbers in the phone book, but the company secures the calls so that users can feel secure that no matter where in the world they are and who they are calling, they will do so safely with Challenger. Furthermore, we simplify by offering the obvious choice of own apps under the company’s own brand, which quickly become the preferred way to communicate.


Calls and messages are secure with Challenger Mobiles' secure communication solutions. The Challeger systems can also be adapted and integrated according to the customer's specific security needs and wishes.

White label

The services are offered under the customer's own brand. Creates cohesion, strengthens brands and fits directly with other services and products.


Communication policies are made easy with Challenger as your preferred choice for communication. Security no matter who you're calling or where you're calling from.


Challenger provides a total solution where all operations and monitoring of services are included for the best possible customer experience. All-in-one from a service provider guarantees a smooth implementation and stable services.


Challenger's solution is flexible and scalable. We can scale the services according to your needs right from the start and ensure scalability as usage grows. Challenger has deployed systems with capacity for 80 million minutes per month.

Deploy your own mobile VoIP solution

Challenger offers enterprise communications solutions that are easy to use, secure and manageable for both the professional and consumer markets. Communication is enabled within the Challenger network as well as to any landline or mobile number. Challenger enables enterprises to offer communications services under their own brand while meeting the security and control requirements of both individual users and the enterprise. The technology is offered as a managed service where the systems are tailored to customers, to meet the needs of the respective market and service. Challenger initiates and maintains systems to ensure trouble-free operations. With your communications solution from Challenger Mobile, you will benefit from ready-made components, ready for customization and integration into existing infrastructure, while leveraging Challenger technology’s experience from the creation, integration and maintenance of services for international mobile operators and companies.

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