Challenger Mobile Technology AB (publ) enable corporations, organizations and government entities to offer mobile communications services to customers, employees or users.

01. Authentication and fully encrypted services

Users within the network are verified and authenticated. Challenger Mobile ensures that your conversations are completely private and that you are connected only to the party you intend. No one can see your call details or listen in.

02. No new hardware required

No new devices or SIM cards are required to use Challenger services.
Secure calls and messages are used through Challenger’s apps on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

03. Business Ready

Challenger’s services are easy to implement and manage in an enterprise environment. Users will intuitively recognize the functions of the apps and do not need user training. The services include user equipment systems and integration with the user database.

04. Technical Support and Automated Surveillance

The Challenger systems use automated system monitoring for various cyber security threats as well as system health to ensure anomalies or issues are identified at any time, 24/7, 365 days a year. Our experienced technical team also maintains the services and is available for technical support.

05. Feel free to travel without worrying about how, where or at what cost you can call.

Stay in touch while travleing anywhere in the world. With us, you can continue to call just as you do at home in Sweden, dial the same number and pay the same rate. Challenger also offers unlimited global calls and messages between app users with no hidden or extra charges.

06. Secure all your calls from anywhere

Traveling professionals can call anyone, anywhere with confidence. Challenger ensures that you can make and receive calls from mobile and landline numbers anywhere in the world just as if you were back home.

07. Data minimization

Stored data is a security risk. Many providers retain as much data as possible “just in case.” We keep as little data as possible. We only retain the data that is valuable to our customers in terms of call logs and history.

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