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We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about Challenger Mobile’s service.

No, Challenger Mobile provides you with all the parts needed for your customers to be able to call with you, from mobile application to call minutes to any mobile or landline phone number anywhere in the world.

Challenger Mobile VoIP services can either be connected to an existing number you own or we supply new numbers with the service. Numbers provided by Challenger are just like regular mobile numbers but also include Challenger functionality to make and accept VoIP calls.

It is very easy and quick to get started. The customer activate the service via your website, calling customer support or another system. After that, the customer will download our app from Google Play or AppStore. Once app is installed the customer can start calling with your mobile service. Challenger Mobile provide you with all necessary systems.

Challenger Mobile services supports most devices, phones and tablets, running, Apples iOS and Google Android systems.

Desktop applications for PC and Mac are planned for in order to cover most market needs.

By partnering with Challenger Mobile, you don’t have to worry about any technical investments or high maintenance, Challenger takes care of everything. Your company can focus on marketing , take care of and charge the customers. Challenger systems help you do this by offering administration and reporting tools.

Challenger can offer cheaper telephony because the calls are connected as data traffic over the Internet. In cases where the recipient is also a user of Challenger, the call can be free and to other numbers the calls are connected over the internet as far as possible and only the last part of the call in the telephone network. The cost can therefore be kept at the same level as a local call.

Challenger’s apps are built to adapt to the connection available at the moment. As long as the phone has a data connection, the Challenger works. The apps also connect between mobile data networks and WiFi.

Our service is entirely in the “cloud” and you don’t need any hardware to be able to deliver Challenger’s solution. All systems needed; telephony systems, databases, mobile apps and more, we manage from our secure server solutions. Partners need to purchase something special to offer the service.

No, it is entirely possible to keep your regular subscription and number while using Challenger with a new number in one and the same phone. Challenger uses an electronic SIM card that is activated in our app. In addition to WiFi, you can make calls over mobile data if you want, and then the SIM card is only used for data traffic.

It is basically the same underlying technology, however, mVoIP means that the technology has been optimized for mobile use and that a number of systems have been added so that the end user can easily start calling.

With Challenger it is possible to offer free calls between paying users as well as calls to external phone numbers charged according to our competitive minute rates.

Presumably, these free minutes only apply in certain cases and to certain users. You probably don’t make free calls from abroad, regardless of what kind of subscription you have with your mobile operator. What is called “free telephony” is usually paid for via monthly fees, connection fees or mobile surfing fees.

International calls are probably not free either and significantly more expensive than what could be offered in cooperation with Challenger Mobile. As an example, today a call from Turkey to Sweden costs around SEK 10/minute with a Swedish mobile operator, and with Challenger you can offer prices under SEK 1 per minute.

Basically, Challenger’s technology and Skype are very similar as both technologies connect parts of the calls over the Internet. However, Skype is based on a proprietary technology and Challenger on open standards such as SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which is a recognized standard for VoIP. Furthermore, the Challenger offers more phone-like calls that make it easy to get started and efficiently manage multiple numbers in the same phone. Furthermore, Challenger offers a service where companies can become an operator under their own brand.

With Challenger, you can set the phone in “flight mode” so that the phone does not connect to GSM/3G or remove the SIM card, but still be able to make calls with the WiFi connection at the hotel, airport, cafe, etc.

We can deliver Challenger in packages from single accounts in existing systems to integrated systems with local installation. You can get started and use our services under the Challenger brand yourself through our product site in just a few minutes. Once you have completed your first purchase, you will receive a number and link to install the app directly to your phone.

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